About the role

The role of Business Manager is crucial to the successful and effective running of the school.

Working closely with the Headteacher you will be responsible for the finances of the school and ensuring compliance with the Academies’ Financial Handbook. You will maintain and develop a strategic plan for the school which reflects funding trends, the requirements of the School’s Development Plan and provides forecasts for future years’.

You will be required to produce a balanced budget and provide timely and accurate financial reports on the budget for the Headteacher and members of the Governors Finance Committee, showing indicative trends and likely turnouts.

You will manage a Finance Department to ensure that all tasks required to maintain robust financial procedures and effective use of resources are completed efficiently and with accuracy. Working with the finance team you will monitor and control financial performance, provide budgetary information to key stakeholders, advise the Headteacher and Governors if fraud is suspected or uncovered, generate income through lettings and other activities, and support the other key stakeholders in the procurement of ‘value for money’ services.

Additional operational responsibilities will include working with the Headteacher to ensure, effective Health and Safety policies and procedures are implemented, the management and maintenance of the buildings, facilities, grounds, fabric and furnishings of the school and oversee the provision of ICT resources within the school.

The Business Manager will have responsibility for all support staff in the following departments: administration, learning support, technicians, catering, cleaning and grounds.

These make for demanding duties but working with an exceptionally gifted team of highly committed staff, the role becomes exciting as well as challenging.

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